Cher’s Training Notes

Cher Bear and Maggie AKC STD Sept 2020


CHER🐩🏆 Breathe Deep – Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Think you can or can’t you are right. July Goals – Focus on Verbals from behind.

  1. Run with intensity – Quick body, Quiet mind
  2. 💯 eye on fur – deliberate verbals and body
  3. Cue and GO – NO WAITING – DRIVE OUT with intensity not crazy

LEARNING Ann– eye on fur. RUN! Drive on the dogs line. Be aggressive. Run with intensity. Cue and go, test commitment. Weave games. Cone work for tight turns, driving into the tunnel, Screw up cookies, Always use Verbals. Focus training on ININ and SWITCH. Do the simple thing first. Rotate face for turn/obstacle avoidance 🛎Practice tricky start lines. Be specific with the inside arm. Stay within 12 inches of the jumps on the s line. Practice GO with toy game for driving behavior with no head checks. Vary verbal on weaves. Less is more and more is less. Train the dog.

Learning Justine – Trust or train, RUN. Be on the dogs path on lead out. Don’t hesitate – send and run. Blind on next jump and early, DON’T step into dogs path, cross down stream. Push on her line to BS until she has stronger verbal. Practice two jumps out of a tunnel, PUSH and RUN. LESS STEPS!! Train the dog, close easy drills, expanding in distance and difficulty. EASY first, train the dog. Blind is always faster. Threadle tunnel from all angles. Figure out your verbals in all situations.

LEARNING Cassie – Play with toy for drive out of turns🔑RUN stay connected ✅Shoulders now – feet next – open body ✅Strong definitive verbals ✅Push/wrap at distance line further out ✅In practice- Stop when right reward. Practice verbals while standing
LEARNING Melanie – NO ARMS 👀 on dog and draw 🐁 Tell dog not the obstacle Stomp close leg on sends Goal – Stay within an arm length jump ✅Say next thing as they enter tunnel. Wait until commit to second pole. Blind weaves in the middle. Do a split step to keep commitment. Look previous obstacle and run the line. Doesn’t feel right? Critical spot find 🐁.Magic box and Mini gamble
LEARNING Annette⭐️Breathe Deep. Mental games with maps and courses. Leave emotions with leash be a team. No crap runs be your best partner. Plan your walk and map time yourself. Go for it always don’t quit on your partner. Billboard at 20 or 100. Every step you take I will be watching you. First step out sets line. Feet points the next direction. Hide your butt – don’t expose yourself.
EOTT Camp Notes 📝 US needs more aggressive handling. Measure with head up and square legs. Go with the flow. Mental and Stress Management 🔑 Physical fitness to run long courses. Video all practice skills and study them
LEARNING Terry– Handling considerations: Natural line, Next direction down line, Distance, Handling issues, Collection/extension, SAFE Approach to contact, Dogs visual line of sight to drive to line. Look at all options not comfortable one 🔑First step out of turn sets the line. Acceleration and deceleration no stopping. Don’t do an S stay on the line.

LEARNING Jenny– Train to use brain when excited – both of you. Have a plan to manage transitions. Set a startline system – intentional.Use bench during training. Shoe game- Train the dog. VETO Game and driving the line. BE CONSISTENT. Look at it from the dogs perspective. Need to add in EASY command.
🦄LEARNING Simone– CONNECTION 100% of the time! Super protect your dogs confidence. Warm-up verbals on practice jump. Focus on tightening Cher’s lines. Pick her up out of tunnel for tight turn. Use time to set the line if possible 
🌈For Fabulous Blind Cross Train to tighten turn. Use both arms. Stay connected at turn. Drive on path no S. Start earlier 📣Flash direction don’t pause.
KT BACK – Use threadle arm and pause a beat before stomp out and bowling arm. KT right on the jump- EARLY. Mental focus on the easy stuff! 👀Use your positioning to shape line not always driving ahead. Get to critical points to shape line. Verbals should override motion🕶Visualize the whole course away. Practice backup plan as well. Stand right on the jump for tight line. PUSH stay off line and push to the bar. You are not running a giraffe get your arms down.

LEARNING Dudley – No free cookies. Work on discrimination in flow. A solid start line is sexy. You have to nail the technical stuff to free your brain to think about the big picture. No collection on arcs, YES collection on S. Make a list of all of your words, what means collection, extension, bypass? If any of your words are used for all you are in trouble. Start with a drive line adding to a double box. Train the dog – with EVERY training session have them DRIVE out. Training small technical skills may not be sexy, but winning is.

Lessons from EO UKI WTT 🌎Flash PUSH/SWITCH, trust/train weaves, practice lead out situations. Tighten up Blinds, no arm flapping, keep connection on decision points, rears on the flat. Watch her when I walk. Don’t take my eyes off of her. Clear body cue/verbals. GO. Study maps.

Learning Zimmerman – Look at the obstacle you are driving to and stay on the line.

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