Over The Bridge

Please email me photos and write-ups on our dogs and humans who have made a difference in our lives and who are waiting for us over the Bridge.

MACH6 GUS Schoolar (2005 – 2018)
GUS loved his squeaky toys and his Maggie. Gus was my first agility dog and he changed my life. He was a happy, funny dog with a huge personality. The Dog Walk was his favorite obstacle and he was an expert at stealing treats.
PEACH Schoolar (2008 – 2012)
Our beautiful boxer baby! Peach trained in agility as a puppy, but her hips were not strong. Cancer took her at four years old. She was a big, sweet, goofy, smart girl. She had the best butt wiggle. She broke all of our hearts when she left us.
Rusty Pearson
I was brand new in agility when I first saw Rusty run his dog Max. They didn’t qualify and he did a flip over the last jump. I had never seen anything like that and the joy and the love he had for his dogs and the game was so inspiring. Rusty passed away in 2016, but if you look at his FB Page, it is updated almost daily. A beautiful man and I was honored to know him.
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