Happy Dog Sports Team

Maggie Schoolar – Happy Dog Sports Owner and Agility Coach

Maggie and Cher at 2020 Incredible Dog Challenge

I started agility with my Maltese Gus, who changed my life forever. The bond that agility created between us strengthened our love and didn’t we have fun! I just couldn’t believe how connected you could be to an animal, the intense teamwork and the thrill of competition. Now 15 years later, I work with some of the top trainers in the world and bring that focus and insight back to my coaching. I love dogs and all of their unique personalities. Supporting teams to unleash their full HAPPY potential is my passion. Speed Circles baby!

Gus achieved six Master Agility Championships and was AKC top Maltese for the five years he competed. He went from Novice A to MACH in nine months and competed in five AKC Nationals and five AKC Invitationals. He was an AKC Challenger competitor and earned his final MACH at Westminster. Jagger, my first poodle and second agility dog, had a fearful personality and with the joy that we built together in agility he came alive! He earned nine AKC Master Agility Championships, competed at Westminster and at six national championships. Cher is my current agility dog, she is a fierce competitor and at five years old has earned two AKC Master Agility Championships, a UKI Championship and has competed at the UKI Open, two AKC Nationals, WAO and EO Tryouts and earned third place at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. She won the Masters Series at the UKI West Coast open and a third place finish in the Games Challenge. I can also now be found training my first border collie puppy, Elvis. The addiction is real.

Courtney Moore – Happy Dog Sports Agility Guru – Seminars & Privates

Courtney has been training dogs for over 25 years. She has taught and competed in obedience, rally, barn hunt, nose work, FastCAT and agility. In her primary sport of dog agility, she has competed with multiple large and small breed dogs at the national level in AKC (Nationals), USDAA (Cynosport), and UKI (US Open). Recent accomplishments include: 2016 AKC PNAC 4″Champion, 2019 AKC Invitational #5 chihuahua, 2021 10″ USDAA Steeplechase Champion, 2021 22″ USDAA 3rd place Team, 3rd place Biathlon, 2021 UKI Speedstakes 8″ reserve winner, 2022 AKC National Bronze Medalist 12″ division. In addition to being an avid competitor, she is also a well-known and highly respected judge for both AKC and UKI. Because of her dual roles as both competitor and judge, she has a unique perspective on course design and creating optimal lines for both the handler and dog. She has a deep understanding of how dogs and their humans navigate courses, and she can help each team understand the best handling paths for them. As an instructor she is flexible and can teach within any handling system. Her primary focus is to help each team grow their teamwork and execute optimal handling and learn to communicate clearly and effectively while running. Her presentation style is relaxed and fun. You can expect lots of working time for the dogs and ample positive reinforcement for both dogs and handlers. Instruction will be specifically designed to each team and what their needs are at the time of the workshop.

Sammie Garrett – Happy Dog Sports Director of Growth & Human Fitness Coach

Sammie Garrett; ACE, First Aid, CPR, AED Certified, and Cher; dog

Sammie Garrett is a (human) fitness professional with over 6 years of experience instructing. She is a two-time Instructor of the Year nominee through FIT4MOM, a national fitness company, leading successful group classes throughout Austin. She has also worked as a certified running coach, preparing runners of all abilities for peak performance. She loves to exercise, especially cross-training, weight lifting, and yoga. Sammie’s philosophy is that exercise should be fun, effective, safe, and attainable for all levels. She is excited to support handlers and community members in reaching their fitness goals.

As Director of Growth for Happy Dog Sports, Sammie is often wandering the property with a can of paint and a drill. She is involved with facility management, event assistance, social media support, frequent trips to Costco, and more!

Michelle Swartz – Happy Dog Sports Agility Trainer – Foundations & Sequencing

Kyli, Michelle and Riff

Michelle’s love for dogs started at a very early age as she has had the wonderful fortune of having canine companions of various breeds throughout her entire life. In 2000 she fell in love with Australian Shepherds after adopting her first boy, Trevor, and has kept with the breed ever since. Michelle’s addiction to agility began in 2010 with her “one-in-a-lifetime” partner, Kyli. Kyli’s over-the-top enthusiasm and drive pushed Michelle’s limits to keep up. Kyli taught Michelle the importance of clear communication, timing and ultimately, teamwork. Michelle currently loves and trains her four Aussies: Kyli, Ridley, Treasure and Riff. Michelle’s dogs have achieved agility championships in AKC & ASCA and numerous agility titles in AKC, ASCA & NADAC. Her dogs also have earned AKC Trick Dog, Fast CAT and CGC titles as well as Farm Dog and Herding Instinct Certificate. Kyli and Riff have had the honor of competing in multiple AKC national agility championships as well as ASCA nationals and UKI US Open. Michelle and Treasure also participate in Scent Work. Michelle has been teaching agility classes from Pre-agility to Masters/International since 2014. When Michelle is not busy teaching classes, training her own dogs or at an agility trial, you can usually find her taking classes or attending seminars pursuing her interests in agility training, dog health & nutrition and working with sensitive dogs. Michelle is committed to continuing education and sharing her knowledge with her students. Michell’s primary goals for her handler/dog teams is to have fun and enjoy the journey!

Kerry Rodgers – Happy Dog Sports Agility Trainer – Sequencing

Kerry Rodgers and her Boxer Leia

Kerry has been involved in agility since 2005, has multiple MACH’s on two different dogs, and her current competition dog has been one of the top boxers in the country for the last few years. Kerry loves the bond that agility can forge between handler and dog, and above all else thinks that agility should be fun and something which the team enjoys doing together. Kerry is also involved in conformation, obedience, rally, scent work and dock diving with her dogs.

Cheryl Sepulveda- Happy Dog Sports Facility Director & Ranch Decorator

Cheryl’s Shelties Pepper and Cota

When I was a kid, we didn’t always have a dog! Lassie was my dog and I watched her every Sunday night. Fast forward many years, to “empty nester”, when I discovered Shelties! I had the privilege of training Breezy, Rudy, and Sophie (doggie angels now) and helped them earn many titles in agility, obedience, rally, and tricks. Currently, I’m working with Shelties Pepper and Cota as they learn agility skills at Happy Dog Sports. HDS is definitely our “happy place”!

Sue Beckage – Happy Dog Sports Obedience and Sport Puppy Trainer

Sue Beckage began training dogs in 2007 as a diversion from her stressful job as a criminal lawyer. She quickly became addicted to training and competing in Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility and Nosework with her Doberman Pinschers. To date, Sue and her Dobes have achieved over 250 performance titles, including 24 Agility Championships and a Rally Championship. Sue’s Dovermans have qualified for every AKC National Agility Championship and AKC Agility Invitational since 2012, have all been Finalists in the Doberman Pinscher Club of America’s Agility Top 20, and have all ranked Top AKC Agility Doberman (#1 Nationaly). Her only male Doberman, Comet, finished his Rally Championship at only two years old and is qualified to compete at the 2022 AKC Rally Championship in July, 2022. Sue has been instructing dogs and their owners since 2011. She has instructed puppy pre-school, companion obedience, Good Canine Citizen and Puppy STAR prep classes, as well as all levels of Rally, pre-agility, agility foundations and competition level agility.

Nikki Luxenberg – Happy Dog Sports Canine Fitness Trainer

In January of 2016 Nikki’s life completely changed when she adopted her puppy Bandit. She dove into everything dog training. She took classes in person, online, and attended seminars. She learned to be a dog trainer and began working professionally as a dog trainer in adding to her full time career in Human Resources. At the start of 2019 Nikki left her career in Human Resources to work as a dog trainer full time. She earned her CPDT-KA certification the same year and became a certified evaluator for AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program and Trick Dog titles. For many years Nikki wanted to participate in dog sports and Bandit beams the first dog she was able to do so with. They have competed in agility, disc, dock diving, fast cat and worked up to his Performer Trick dog title. In 2021 Nikki’s passion and love for canine fitnesss pushed her to complete the Certified Canine Fitness Trainer program through the University of Tennessee. She also imported an Australian Koolie named Split from Australia the same year. Nikki and Split are forcusing on agility, canine fitness and trick training. Split just received his Champion Trick dog title and has become Nikk’s primary demo dog. Nikki also has two emails, Cody and Dakota. Dakota participates in disc, dock diving and loves performing tricks. Nikki uses reward-based training to reinforce behaviors when teaming dogs. She believes in building teamwork through clear communication and that training should be fun for both the human and dog.

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